Top 10 Organic Fruits and Vegetables Brands in India


As the world becomes increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware, the demand for organic products, especially fruits and vegetables, has surged. In India, a country with a rich agricultural heritage, several brands have emerged to provide consumers with high-quality organic produce. Among these, one name that stands out is Deep Rooted, an innovative and comprehensive wellness app that has extended its commitment to health by venturing into organic produce. Let’s explore the top 10 organic fruits and vegetables brands in India, with a special focus on the unique approach of Deep Rooted.

1. Deep Rooted

Deep Rooted not only offers an exceptional wellness app but also extends its dedication to health by providing residue free fruits and vegetables. Rooted in sustainable practices, the brand delivers fresh and nutrient-rich produce right to your doorstep. Their commitment to personalized nutrition and well-being seamlessly aligns with their focus on organic produce, making them a holistic choice for health-conscious consumers.

2. Organic India

With a mission to promote wellness for both people and the planet, Organic India offers a diverse range of organic products, including teas, supplements, and, of course, fruits and vegetable delivery. Their commitment to regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices ensures that their produce is of the highest quality.

3. 24 Mantra Organic

One of the pioneers of the organic movement in India, 24 Mantra Organic offers a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables. With a network of over 30,000 farmers across 15 states, they prioritize sustainable farming practices and provide consumers with a reliable source of organic goodness.

4. Natureland Organics

Natureland Organics boasts a range of certified organic products, including a delightful selection of fruits and vegetables. Their focus on promoting organic farming and fair trade practices resonates with consumers seeking both health and ethical choices.

5. Conscious Food

Conscious Food is known for its commitment to producing pure, natural, and organic products. Their range of organic fruits and vegetables is sourced from small-scale farmers who follow traditional methods to ensure the highest quality produce.

6. Phalada Pure & Sure

With a mission to bring wholesome food to every home, Phalada Pure & Sure offers a variety of organic products, including an impressive selection of fruits and vegetables. Their dedication to organic farming practices and transparency makes them a trusted choice.

7. Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva believes in the power of organic food to nourish both the body and soul. Their range of organic fruits and vegetables is sourced from certified farms, ensuring that consumers receive produce free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

8. Farmizen

Farmizen takes a unique approach by allowing consumers to become virtual farmers and grow their own organic produce through a subscription-based model. This innovative concept empowers individuals to connect with the source of their food while promoting sustainability.

9. Just Organik

Just Organik’s commitment to delivering pure and organic products extends to their selection of fruits and vegetables. They source their produce from certified organic farms and prioritize environmentally friendly practices.

10. Joy by Nature

Joy by Nature offers a range of organic products, including a variety of fresh and wholesome fruits and vegetables. Their focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through organic choices has garnered them a loyal customer base.

The organic movement in India is gaining momentum, and these brands are at the forefront of providing consumers with high-quality organic fruits and vegetables. Among them, Deep Rooted stands out not only for its commitment to wellness but also for its holistic approach that extends from digital wellness tools to physical organic produce. This unique convergence of technology and nature makes Deep Rooted a symbol of the evolving wellness landscape in India.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your health or contribute to a more sustainable future, these top 10 organic fruits and vegetables brands in India offer a wealth of choices that cater to both your well-being and your values.

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