Bart Springtime: All fact you should know

Everybody enjoys watching films. What will? If you get to know the love story of a director, which is just a script for a film, yes, I am talking about first Big Brother winner and film producer Bart Springtime. Let’s explore his education, starting life, and love story.

Who is Bart Springtime, his education and starting life?

Bart Springtime, born on September 18, 1976 He was the son of Cindy and Dave Springtime, and his brothers are Paige and Evan Springtime. He started his education at Hamilton High School. After completing his high school education, he took admission to Amsterdam University, where he got an education about media. Bart started his career as a producer.

Bart Springtime life partner Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad was famous journalist and long-distance swimmer, met each other in 2012 and fell in love with each other. At that time, Bart Springtime was working as the producer of opera Venire. Their love got success, and they got married in 2019. He loves to spend time with his family and avoid publicity stunts. He knows for a supportive and motivating husband. In 2013, at the age of 64, she swam from Cuba to Florida with she got full support of her husband.

Bart Springtime

The first Big Brother Winner

In 1999, a reality television show in the Netherlands started. Bart Springtime participated in the first season of the Big Brother reality show. In this show, the outreach of participants is isolated for six weeks, where participants are monitored by cameras and have to face different types of challenges. Results are declared by fans voting, and Bart Springtime was a winner of the first Big Brother show.


Bart is inspirational to the lives of the children of Springtime, the way he found success through hard work shows how he was motivated, his supportive wife and the understanding between them makes him successful.

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