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92 Career


92 career is an online career guidance and training platform based in India. Founded in 2009 by Amit Bansal and Vijay Sharma, 92career aims to provide personalized career mentoring and enable professionals to advance in their careers.

92 career


History of the 92-career

92Career was launched in 2009 as a blog providing career advice. In 2011, it pivoted into an online platform connecting job seekers with career experts. Over the years, 92Career has expanded its services from basic mentoring to comprehensive training programs, assessments, and access to a vast professional network. Today, 92Career has partnered with over 1,000 organizations and has helped over 200,000 professionals find jobs, switch careers, get promoted, and more. Its broad range of services makes it a go-to platform for career guidance in India

Services provided through the 92 Career

92 Career offers a variety of services tailored to every person’s career needs, including coaching services.
92 Career matches professionals with certified career coaches for personalized mentoring sessions. Coaches guide you through essential professional choices, overcoming roadblocks, growing soft abilities, switching roles, and more.

Training Programs

92 Career gives brief online education applications and boot camps focused on in-call talents like virtual advertising and marketing, economic modeling, data analytics, and leadership. This allows professionals to reskill and transition into new roles.

92 career

Career improvement applications

92 Career has advanced professional enhancement programs on interview training, resume building, personal branding, and succeeding at your first job. These help people stand out in the task market.

Benefits of Using 92 Career

Here are some of the important benefits of using 92 Career in your career:

Expert Guidance

You get recommendations from certified coaches and enterprise experts to make well-informed career selections. Their expertise quickens your professional trajectory.

Vast Network

92 Career gives you access to a huge network of experts, coaches, and recruiting partners. This opens doors to new possibilities.

Personalized Services

Programs are tailored to your unique professional desires based totally on assessments of your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and character.

Tips for Using 92Career Effectively

Here are some hints to get the most out of your profession:

Be open to remarks.

Having an open mindset is fundamental; be prepared to acquire optimistic remarks out of your education. This will help you benefit from an insightful angle.

Take Action

Simply doing the tests is not enough; you need to enforce the stairs cautioned via your instructions to see results. Take action follow through, stick with the education process for the length of time needed to make actual professional development.


92Career is an invaluable platform for professionals at any stage of their career to gain expert guidance, access new opportunities, and achieve career advancement. By providing personalized mentoring, training, and access to a vast network, 92Career helps you upgrade your skills, switch roles, get promotions, and more.

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